About Me


I have always been a book worm with dreams of owning a bookstore and writing novels on the side.

I have had been making up stories in my head since I was a kid, and I figure it’s time I get to work on writing them down. My primary interest is in fantasy, and that was actually a surprise to me. I always thought I was more of a sci-fi fan than a fantasy fan, but most of my story ideas seem to be in the fantasy genre.

I’m also a bit into graphic design and publishing. I’ve recently finished helping my uncle self-publish his fantasy novel series, The Shrine of Arthis, and I created the covers for his books, the website and the fantasy map included in the book.

I am from Jamestown, NY, born and raised. I went to college in Erie, PA, at Penn State Behrend, and got two Bachelor’s Degrees. The first was basically a creative writing degree, but I didn’t want to write a theses so it turned into a General Arts and Science degree. The second was for Computer Science.

I also like fish keeping (I have a 55 gallon Angelfish tank and a 37 gallon cichlid tank), gardening (both indoors and out, I love plants!) and cooking.

My hope for this site is to be able to share writing and publishing tips based on my own experiences, and maybe throw in some information about a good book or two!

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