Self Publish a Paperback Book for Free

self publish a paperback book

My last post was about how to self publish an ebook, so I thought I should follow-up with how to get your book in print. Publishing your book through CreateSpace (a site associated with Amazon) is super easy and it’s totally free. How to Self Publish through Createspace(Amazon) Create an account. Under “My Account” on your “Member Dashboard” click […]

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Self Publish an eBook for Free

self publish an ebook

I have recently helped my uncle self publish his novel The Shrine of Arthis, and I keep seeing things about how much it should cost you to self publish an ebook. I am honestly surprised by how high some of the numbers are that I’ve been seeing. Because the answer should be simple: $0. It […]

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Build a Website on a Budget

build a website on a budget

When my uncle asked me to help him self-publish his book, The Shrine of Arthis, part of what went along with that was building a website. I wasn’t concerned about the technical aspect, I’d played around with html and css before, but I had never actually published a website before.  So I really had no […]

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Website Hosting

what you need to start a website

So you’re finally ready to get your own website for your business, author platform or whatever. And you want it to be “” not something with all kinds of additional junk in there. And you don’t want to spend a lot of money. But you’re not really a tech person, or you never really got […]

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